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Current News NAS and Partners Press Conference for World AIDS Day 2010
NAS and Partners Press Conference for World AIDS Day 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Photo of UNAIDS Country's Director
UNAIDS Country's Coordinator, Madam Mulunesh Tennagashaw

The National HIV/AIDS Secretariat and its Partner on 24th November 2010 held a press conference at the Secretariat’s Head office at Kingharman Road, Brookfields, Freetown, where journalists were briefed about proposed national activities, available opportunities, possible challenges and the expected role of the media to ensure a very successful World AIDS Day. The theme of this years’ commemoration is “Universal Access and Human Rights.”

Speaking to pressmen the Director of NAS Dr. Brima Kargbo disclosed that since the Government of Sierra Leone received the MDG award, things have been going on well. The National Sero Prevalence have stabilized, HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support services have been scaled up, thus we are moving closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goal by 2015. He said, as we move towards commemorating World AIDS Day, several areas of intervention have been improved, for instance, an estimated 4945 eligible People Living with HIV are on free Anti-Retroviral Drugs meaning more than 65% the 48,000 are currently receiving ART treatment. Despite all this efforts, a lot of them are still shy to come forward to take the drugs.

The Director touched on the prevention of Mother – to - Child Treatment (PMTCT) which he said, the introduction of the free health care by the Government has helped immensely in reducing it.  Dr. Kargbo dilated on blood safety which he said if not properly screened can lead to transmission of blood borne infection, of which HIV is one.  As for condom, he said it has helped so much in the reduction of the rate of the pandemic. According to confirmed sources, thirty thousand people between the 26th November to the 2nd December 2010 will receive free HIV test and NAS also hope to distribute about five hundred thousand condoms all in a bid to help stabilize the spread of the virus.

The UNAIDS Country Coordinator, Madam Mulunesh Tennagashaw disclosed that for one to reach this height, it needed leadership to succeed. She revealed that getting the award should not only end there, but shows we should keep on working hard to achieve our goal. The award is like a staff of accolade that Sierra Leone is doing well in the fight against HIV and AIDS. A representative from the Network of HIV Positive NETHIPS also made salient statement.


24th November 2010    Press Briefing at NAS Conference room 2:00 pmNAS and press men

26th November 2010    Friday Prayers Rokupa Centre Mosque, Wellington,  Reporting time 12:00 - Commencement of National Testing and Condom Distribution Campaign Country-Wide, Sites will be circulated to partners

28th November 2010    Sunday Prayers Nissi Ministry, 31 Victoria Street .  Reporting time 9: 00 a.m. -  Condom promotion campaign at Lumley beach, coordinated by CARE-SL commencing at 4:30 pm

29th , 30th November 2010 and 1st December 2010 – AIDS information Fair, Fore-Court of Miatta Conference Centre

30th November 2010   Candle light vigil, starting point-Electricity House at 5:30pm, converging at Fore-Court  of Miatta Conference Centre

1st December 2010     Mass Rally, Starting at Victoria Park, to Fore- Court of Miatta Conference Centre.

2nd December 2010    End of Testing Campaign